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Prisoners of War - Series 2

"PRISONERS OF WAR smoldered with its focus on family tension."
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Two soldiers return alive, the third comes home in a coffin... or did he?

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Country: Israel
Year: 2012
Runtime: 700 mins
Genre: Drama

Prisoners of War is a drama about three Israeli soldiers who were captured seventeen years ago while on a secret mission with their unit in Lebanon. The story begins with their return home, after years of negotiations for their freedom. Two soldiers return to Israel alive, the third comes home in a coffin. The series explores the soldiers' reintegration into Israeli society on a national and personal level. However, while the soldiers are acclimating to their lives, a secret investigation is also unfolding about the truth of their capture and the many discrepancies in the soldiers' stories. As the investigators get closer to finding out the truth of what happened in captivity, the two soldiers... More »

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