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Alexander's Lost World

"A search for the scientific basis for myths and legends was the premise of ALEXANDER'S LOST WORLD, an absorbing documentary on the Yesterday channel."
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Follow the trail of the ancient Greeks through some of the most dangerous places on earth... and uncover the history buried there

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2013
Runtime: 300 mins

Throughout the wild highlands and war-torn plains of Afghanistan and Central Asia lie tantalizing traces of the ancient world. It was here, 2,300 years ago, that Alexander The Great became the first European to rule the East. In 334BC he discovered a highly developed civilization along the banks of the mighty Oxus River.

Shot on location in inaccessible, dangerous and war ravaged areas, this six part series follows Australian photojournalist and director David Adams on an epic 7000km journey through the region - from Greece to the borders of China. His mission is to follow the trail of Alexander The Great , and to uncover the history buried along this ancient super highway. Through expert CGI remodeling, this lost world and great ancient civilization, are brought to life in vibrant colour and detail.

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