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Bedlam: Series 1

"A smart, well-paced series that is, cleverly, half twenty-something romance drama and half scary movie."
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Some secrets won't stay buried

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2011
Runtime: 255 mins
Genre: Drama Horror

Welcome to Bedlam Heights. Converted from an imposing former lunatic asylum, this apartment building offers the ultimate in stylish 21st century urban living. But little do its new residents suspect that behind the luxury fittings lie unimaginable horrors. This is a place tainted by abuse, suffering and death – and the ghosts of its dark and violent past are out for revenge. As the direct descendent of those who ran the asylum for generations, Kate - who both lives and works there - is a prime target.

Kate thinks anyone who believes in ghosts is a fool. Overly self-confident but ultimately self-destructive, she is surprised by the unexpected arrival of Jed – her adopted cousin. Jed is unique.... More »

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