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In Bob We Trust

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A David and Goliath story of biblical proportions

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Director: Lynn-Maree Milburn
Country: Australia
Year: 2013
Runtime: 102 mins
Genre: Documentary

Beloved of the bereft and abandoned Father Bob Maguire the irreverent philosopher and working class hero eschews the collar and piousness of his own religion. For almost 40 years he has fought courageously to protect troubled youth immersed in a culture of crime, drugs and violence by opening the doors to his parish, the presbytery, and his own pockets, offering a stable place from where they can begin a new life.

Father Bob offers outreach for street kids, food programs and scholarships for the poor. He has always fought back at the disciplinary measures imposed on him from an unsupportive Vatican with wit and a healthy disregard for authority, frankly pointing out the flaws in logic, dogma... More »

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