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Chris Tarrant's Extreme Railways Series 1

"Tarrant was enormously impressed with what he found as he journeyed along the line – the fact passengers can open the train doors while the train is moving, the people sleeping in cupboards, and the chefs surrounded by pans of boiling oil as they work all hours in the shaky dining car to prepare food for 1,700 passengers."
The Express and Star
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Popular TV host Chris Tarrant takes epic and treacherous train journeys through the West African jungle, the Australian Outback and India’s Monsoon Coast.

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2013
Runtime: 141 mins
Genre: Documentary

Experienced globetrotter Chris Tarrant is fascinated by train travel: How the engines and tracks were built, how they are kept running and how they revolutionised remote communities. Join him as he explores some of the world's oldest and most stunning railway routes.

Along the way there are breakdowns and unexpected detours. Why did a planned two-day journey through the Congo actually take six days? Why has the original Adelaide to Darwin railway, which took 100 years to complete, now been largely abandoned? Why did the Konkan railway require 92 tunnels and 2,000 bridges?

Drivers, engineers and locals explain all as Chris enjoys some truly unforgettable and treacherous train rides.... More »

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