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Lilyhammer - Series 2

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A New York mobster in Norway.

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Country: Norway
Year: 2013
Runtime: 360 mins
Genre: Drama

In season 2, former mob fixer Frank Tagliano is still under witness protection in Lillehammer, Norway – living under the guise of Johnny Henriksen, a successful nightclub owner and more recently, a father of two. His encounter with the Norwegian paternal role is riddled with challenges, which he has to juggle while running his criminal operation. On top, a group of English football casuals start causing problems for Frank and his Norwegian friends after a car sale turns sour.

The situation is further complicated by a bank robbery in which documents revealing Frank’s identity go missing – documents, which he has to retrieve without drawing the attention of the town’s new sheriff. She is a bloodthirsty career woman who sees Frank as her ticket out of a small, backwards town.

To make matters worse, Frank’s entire past threatens to catch up with him, when his former mob associates learn that he is still alive. And the problem is, the more attached Frank grows to Lilyhammer, the more he has to lose.

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