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Shonen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 49- Complete Season 1 (Subtitled Edition)

"if you're looking for a more grounded slice of life with a sharp, poignant undercurrent, it's got you covered. "
- Nick Creamer
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Youth is fleeting. Fame is forever.

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Country: Japan
Year: 2014
Runtime: 325 mins
Genre: Anime Drama

Fifteen years ago, the legendary idol group Shonen Hollywood broke the hearts of thousands of adoring fans when they retired at the height of their popularity. Now, a new group of boys has arrived at the famous Hollywood Tokyo Theater hoping to become the next generation of the famed super group. They have the looks, but will they have the drive and courage to stay optimistic in the face of an industry laced with false fronts and broken dreams?

Take an introspective look at the world of idols, and follow rising stars Kakeru, Makki, Shun, Kira, and Daiki as they train day and night - sacrificing the best years of their lives - for the chance to live forever as famous idols.

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