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The Principal

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School is a War Zone

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Country: Australia
Year: 2015
Runtime: 200 mins
Genre: Drama

Matt Bashir (40) former Deputy Principal at a prestigious girls’ school, is the new Principal at Boxdale Boys High. His appointment – his first as principal – seriously ruffles the feathers of Ursula Bright (55) his deputy, who had been gunning for the top job. She’s not the only one he puts offside. His radical reforms are met with cynicism by a burnt-out staff. He doesn’t fare much better with the students, who predict he won’t last a week.

Bashir makes both allies and enemies among the staff and works overtime to get the local community on side. Gradually, he earns the respect of the school police liaison officer, Kellie (30) especially as he takes on the notorious Ahmad brothers, devoting... More »

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