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Empresses of Ancient Rome

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Mother, Murderers and Mistresses

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2013
Runtime: 176 mins

In this major new history series for, Catharine Edwards explores the dramatic stories of women who tasted power at the summit of the Roman empire across four centuries. These women were PR weapons and fashion role models. Patrons and matchmakers.
Politicians and plotters. Everything from murderers to murder victims, and from pagan goddesses to Christian saints.

Their lives were bursting with scandal and scarred by violence. Ancient writers claimed that Livia, the remarkable wife of Rome’s first emperor, was a serial poisoner. The notorious Messalina was damned as “the whore empress” and met a violent death. As did her rival Agrippina, who killed her husband Claudius and was then murdered by her son Nero.... More »

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