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Food Safari Fire

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Everything tastes better cooked over fire

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Country: Australia
Year: 2015
Runtime: 260 mins

Food Safari Fire is the ultimate series about cooking with fire across the cuisines of the world.
The most elemental of cooking styles, each country has its own techniques and recipes that are part of a way of life.

We explore the types of wood and charcoal used – the hardwoods, fruitwoods, natural and manmade charcoal and the Rolls Royce of charcoal – binchotan which burns clean and white hot to cook food in a way no other wood can; the challenge of working with and reading a fire, using the flame, coal and ash to achieve delicious results. We include simple useful segments such as how to cook a perfect steak and how to choose meat for the barbecue.

Food Safari Fire covers the many... More »

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