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Samurai Pizza Cats Complete Series

"Sometimes hilarious, sometimes stupid as hell, SAMURAI PIZZA CATS is something every anime fan should see at least once. Add a star if you like parodies."
THEM Anime review
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Who do you call when you want some pepperoni?!

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Country: Japan
Year: 1990
Runtime: 1300 mins
Genre: Anime Comedy

Join Speedy Cerviche, Guido Anchovy, and Polly Esther at Pizza Cats, the most popular place in Little Tokyo. But the pizza take out joint is merely a front for their true job. A crime fighting secret ninja trio! Led by Big Al Dente, the Pizza Cats are tasked with keeping the scheming Seymour "The Big" Cheese and his evil Crow Ninjas, Jerry Atric and Bad Bird, from taking over Little Tokyo from the dimwitted Emperor Fred.

The Pizza Cats are backed up by a Rescue Team, four other cats with their own restaurant who spring into action to help them out whenever they hear the rescue bell. The weapons of the Rescue Team can combine to form super weapons! And they will need them when evil undoubtedly shows up in every episode. Usually in the form of a gigantic monster-like robot used by the Big Cheese who has his mind set on controlling Little Tokyo!

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