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Mr. Fuzzypants

"A hilarious movie"
Additional Details

His life just got put on paws.

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Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Country: France
Year: 2016
Runtime: 84 mins

Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is undeniably successful, impossibly wealthy, and an unapologetic jerk. Striving to build the tallest skyscraper in the Northern Hemisphere, the daredevil billionaire will sacrifice anything — even the love of his family — to complete an architectural marvel nearly as gargantuan as his ego. Tom’s workaholic lifestyle has alienated his long-suffering family, including his devoted wife Lara (Jennifer Garner), neglected adult son David (Robbie Amell) and starved-for-attention young daughter Rebecca (Malina Weissman). When Rebecca’s 11th birthday arrives, the girl begs her father for the same present she asks for every year: a cat. Tom hates cats, but reluctantly finds... More »

Special Features
  • Celebrity Cats Featurette
  • Bloopers

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