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“A gentle, wise and beautiful film...A quiet humour suffuses this tender insight into the importance of friendship.”
David Stratton, THE AUSTRALIAN
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Best friends are forever

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Director: Cesc Gay
Country: Argentina Spain
Year: 2015
Runtime: 106 mins
Genre: Comedy Drama

Two of the greatest talents in modern Spanish cinema – Ricardo Darin (Wild Tales) and Javier Camara (Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed) – take centre stage in the multi award-winning new film from Cesc Gay, the director of 2014’s A Gun In Each Hand. A smash hit success in its home nations, TRUMAN is a funny, heartfelt portrait of friendship, and life’s unexpected ups and downs.

When theatre actor Julián (Darín) receives an unexpected visit from his childhood friend Tomás (Cámara), the encounter is bittersweet. This reunion is their first meeting in many years, triggered by Julian’s failing health. Tomas is baffled by his friend’s decision to forgo treatment and instead focus on putting his... More »

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