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Fairy Tail Collection 22 (Eps 253-265) (Blu-Ray)

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The final battle for the magical world begins!

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Country: Japan
Year: 2014
Runtime: 325 mins

With the battle of Tartaros still raging on, the wizards of Fairy Tail may have finally met their match. The threat of three thousand Faces hangs over them, and the power of the Demon Gates takes their breath away when they reveal their true Etherious Forms.

Right when things begin to look up, an even bigger threat appears, Acnologia! Beaten and exhausted, can the wizards find the strength to take on Tartaros and this monstrous dragon? When the fire inside Natsu erupts, he will have a startling and unexpected reunion. But the time for catching up and seeking answers will have to wait E.N.D. and the ready-to-detonate Faces are moments from destroying the magical world as they know it!

The final battle for the magical world happens now!

Special Features
  • - Episode 253 Commentary
  • - Episode 258 Commentary
  • - Fairy Tail in the Booth: Sting, Rogue, & Mard Geer
  • - Textless Opening Song "Believe in Myself"
  • - Textless Opening Song "Azayakana Tabiji"
  • - U.S. Trailer

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