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Fairy Girls (Manga) Vol. 04

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In the Kingdom of Fiore, Wizards Are Commonplace, but the Powerful Women of Fairy Tail Are Each of a Kind!

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When there’s magical trouble in Fiore, everyone knows they count on the powerful women of Fairy Tail. The girls are faced with a new batch of problems to solve, from the dangerous to the romantic! Lucy, Erza, Juvia, and Wendy are called to investigate one of the kingdom’s most powerful corporations after an intrepid journalist uncovers some dark secrets. Wendy needs little help from her friends to become a love guru, and the group must also stop a string of public bombings. But the biggest challenge is waiting for Lucy when she’s forced to play nurse when the girls get sick. Can she handle things on her own without her beloved team?

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$12.99 Normally $19.99 Save $7.00

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