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The Irregular at Magic High School - The Movie

In Cinemas Now
"'s still the best that The irregular at magic high school has to offer in animated form so far..."
- Kim Morrissy (Anime News Network)
Country: Japan
Year: 2017
Classification Animated violence and nudity

The Irregular Becomes a Legend

Seasons have passed, and their second spring is almost upon them…
The “irregular” elder brother and his younger sister, who is an academic star... Their first year at Magic High School is about to draw to a close.
Tatsuya, Miyuki and the others have decided to spend their spring break at a certain private villa on Ogasawara Island. They are making the most of their brief vacation... That is until a young girl named Kokoa appears before them.
She has escaped from the naval base, and tells Tatsuya her one wish…

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