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Swift & Shift Couriers - Box Set

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Swift & Shift S1 & 2: Repackaged and reissued

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Country: Australia
Year: 2010
Runtime: 425 mins
Genre: Comedy

SWIFT & SHIFT – SERIES 1 Most people come across couriers bustling about in their trucks and on their bikes, cutting traffic, parking illegally and delivering packages across the CBD. On paper, their profession seems relatively simple. The customer calls in a job, the call centre passes on details to dispatch, they in turn book a courier to arrange the pick-up and deliver in a timely manner – easy right? So how do the team at Swift and Shift Couriers always manage to stuff it up! Depot manager Keith (Ian Turpie) has worked at Swift & Shift for over 20 years. Despite his wealth of experience, Keith reports to the younger “text book” regional manager Amanda (Amanda Keller). Amanda is determined... More »

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