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Attack on Titan - The Last Stand (Board Game)

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Play as your favorite Attack on Titan character… or as THE Titan!

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Attack on Titan: The Last Stand is an exciting new game from renowned board game designers, Antoine Bauza (Hanabi) and Ludovic Maublanc (Mr Jack), based on the highly successful anime series.

In the game - which is played vertically - one player takes on the role of a fearsome Titan, threatening the last remaining human city. The other players act as brave Heroes, as they try to protect the weak and preserve the supply depot in the last bastion of humanity!

• 1 Titan (38cm) Standee and 6 Platforms
• 8 Hero Standees
• 1 Tower (assembled from ten parts)
• 1 Titan Health Track and Marker
• 12 Citizen Tokens
• 6 Cannon Pieces
• 20 Custom Dice (4 colors)
• 12 Heart Tokens
• 8 Hero Cards
• 4 Titan Cards
• 28 Action Cards
• 7 Tactics Cards

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