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Eromanga Sensei Vol. 1 (Eps 1-6) (Subtitled Edition) (Blu-Ray)

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My Little Sister Can't Be This Ero!

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Country: Japan
Year: 2017
Runtime: 150 mins
Genre: Anime Comedy

Masamune Izumi is a high school student who writes light novels.

Sagiri Izumi is a shut-in who never leaves her room.
A year ago, she became Masamune’s little sister.

But one day, Masamune discovers a shocking twist—
The artist "Eromanga Sensei," who has been drawing illustrations for his novels, is none other than his little sister Sagiri!

His cute little shut-in of a sister, who has been living under his roof, is using an obscene pen name and draws lewd illustrations?!

This slapstick comedy about a light-novel author big brother and his little sister the illustrator brings a cast of charming characters surpassing even that of “Oreimo!”

Special Features
  • Web Previews
  • Trailers and Commercials
  • Textless Opening and Ending Animations

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