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Granblue Fantasy: The Animation Vol. 2 (Eps 8-12+Ovas) (Blu-Ray)

" takes fairly ordinary plot devices and uses them in a way that's both carefree and fun, allowing the story to transcend its basic fantasy setup so far."
- Rebecca Silverman (Anime News Network)
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Over the Sky

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Country: Japan
Year: 2017
Runtime: 125 mins

Gran and the crew land in the beautiful Auguste Isles. But they are immediately greeted by foul-smelling slime on the shore and a disquieting mood in town. They meet Eugen, an agent and old acquaintance of Rackam, who explains that the Erste Empire is responsible for Auguste's current state. That's when Lyria begins to hear the faint call of a primal beast...

Special Features
  • OVA 1: Another Sky
  • OVA 2: Jack O'Lantern

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