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4.5 stars “Remarkable… a breathtaking achievement”
- Paul Byrnes, SMH / AGE
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Sometimes the most terrifying ghosts are our own

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Director: Ben Lawrence
Country: Australia
Year: 2017
Runtime: 96 mins
Genre: Documentary

When documentary filmmaker, Ben Lawrence investigates a newspaper article about a local security guard and part-time ghost hunter, Jason King - he begins a seven-year journey into a world of haunted homes and broken souls and discovers a story about a man confronting his innermost demons. Soon after they meet, Jason presents Ben with a stack of hospital records from his childhood. The documents chart a series of incidents from Jason’s youth that he cannot recall. Sensing there is more to the story, Ben offers to help Jason in his decades long search for the only person who may hold the key to Jason’s lost childhood – his father. Using the records, they dig into details of Jason’s childhood,... More »

Special Features
  • Featurettes: Ghosts - Fact or Fiction?, Chaos, Collision of Two Worlds, Camera vs Truth, A Friendship, Music, The Cockatoo, Peter's Sacrifice, An Ending

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