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8.5/10 "Climax is exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure, and that is something we should demand from our cinema."
X-Press Magazine
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"A provocative masterpiece"

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Director: Gaspar Noe
Country: France
Year: 2018
Runtime: 91 mins
Genre: Horror Musicals

CLIMAX depicts the unhinged madness that takes over a dance troupe’s party after a punchbowl of sangria is spiked with LSD. Beneath strobing lights and pounding music each dancer's psyche begins to crumble, and creeping paranoia gives rise to a hallucinatory nightmare.

Legendary art-house provocateur Gaspar Noé (Love, Enter the Void) delivers an intensely deranged and lurid orgy of sex, drugs, and club music (featuring Cerrone, Daft Punk and Aphex Twin); taking us into the forbidden reaches of heaven and descending deep into hell.

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