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Midsomer Murders Season 21 (Part 1)

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It's a new series in Midsomer County.

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2019
Runtime: 180 mins
Genre: Drama

In the villages of Midsomer there are strange murders to solve, new clues to examine and scores of suspects to suspect. Contains the first two, feature length episodes of Season 20: 1) The Point of Balance and 2) The Miniature Murders,

MM21 - Episode 1 – The Point of Balance
Midsomer is buzzing with excitement at the arrival of the annual ‘Paramount Dance Extravaganza’. But behind the sequins and smiles are deep running feuds and passions, and
when the stakes are high, the desire to win can outweigh just about anything.

MM21 - Episode 2 – The Miniature Murders
The worlds of miniature dolls houses and real houses collide when prolific real estate agent Alexander Beauvoisin is murdered in front of a crowd at the unveiling of a new dolls house collection at Midsomer Museum of the family.

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