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S.H. Figuarts: Dragon Ball Super - Zamasu (Potara Ver.)

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Mortals do not succumb to evil... They are the evil!

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Once the Apprentice Supreme Kai, Zamasu’s lack of compassion and distrust of mortals saw him embark on a mission to annihilate all mortal life from the multiverse.

Using the Dragon Balls to steal Goku’s body in another timeline, Zamasu possessed and extraordinary level of combat ability. Fuelled by his disdain and joining his twin forms of Future Zamasu and Goku Black, he was almost unstoppable.

Bandai have perfectly reflected the unique design of this powerful villain in the 14cm S.H.Figuarts Action Figure.

Additional swap-out parts have been included to provide the ultimate collectible for Dragon Ball fans everywhere!

- Zamasu Potara Figure
- Replacement wrist types (2 left wrist, 3 right wrist)
- Replacement huge right arm
- Replacement neck parts
- Replacement facial parts (3 types)
- Effect set

Height = 14cm approx.

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