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"I genuinely and unreservedly love Below... bleakly funny, unabashedly humanistic, and bold."
Travis Johnson, The Curb
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Go down swinging.

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Available July 08 2020

Director: Maziar Lahooti
Country: Australia
Year: 2019
Runtime: 93 mins
Genre: Comedy Drama

Starring Ryan Corr and Anthony LaPaglia, BELOW is a pitch-black comedy with a uniquely provocative take on Australia’s asylum-seeker detention system. When darkweb con-artist Dougie lands in the bloody deep end of a scam gone wrong, his gruff stepdad, Terry, agrees to pay off his debts. In return, Dougie must take a job at the refugee detention centre where Terry works. Ever the grifter, Dougie discovers a way to make cash by live-streaming the underground fight club run by the centre’s morally bankrupt security staff. But when things inevitably go south, Dougie may be the only one willing to take a stand. Norwegian-born Iranian-Australian director Maziar Lahooti makes his feature debut with... More »

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