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Evangelion: Real Action Heroes Neo No. 783 - Eva Unit 01 (Test Type) [New Paint Ver.]

Additional Details

From Medicom comes a newly painted version of the Real Action Heroes NEO Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type figure!

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From the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime, the Real Action Heroes EVA Unit-01 figure is highly articulated and stands nearly 40cm tall.

In response to an overwhelming number of requests, Medicom has decided to release a whole-body recoloring of the EVA-01. The mouth can open and close and the head is on a movable joint. The EVA-01's main weapon, knives, and rifles are included along with a detachable cable cord. The hatch in the back armor can be open and closed. Various wrist replacement parts are included along with an articulated stand for extra posing possibilities.

Box Contents:
- EVA Unit-01 Test Type figure
- Intechangable hands
- Progressive knife
- Palette rifle
- Umbilical cable
- 2 Entry plug parts
- Articulated figure stand

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