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Walkaway Joe

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Can't win without a little hustle

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Director: Tom Wright
Country: United States
Year: 2020
Runtime: 118 mins

WALKAWAY JOE follows the lives of Joe Haley and Dallas McCarthy, a road weary loner and a fourteen year-old boy, thrown together in this story about fathers and sons. When Dallas’ pool-hustling father abandons his family, Dallas takes to his bicycle and goes on the road after him. No stranger to the bar scene or the world of pool hustling himself, Dallas is determined to confront his father and bring him home. Enter Joe Haley, a drifter wrestling with a past he’d rather forget. Feeling responsible for the boy’s safety, Joe reluctantly becomes the boy’s protector. From the pool halls of Louisiana, through fights with bar drunks, visits to ex-wives, and threats from loan sharks hot on his father’s... More »

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