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You think you're human don't you?

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Country: Australia
Year: 2006
Runtime: 240 mins
Genre: Comedy

Totally barking mad, WILFRED - an enigmatic comedy series about a woman, her new boyfriend and her old dog. Expanding on the award winning short film by the same name WILFRED is a tale of love, lust, anxiety, fear, frustration, humiliation, and occasional happiness. And that’s from the dogs perspective… If television vets have taught us anything, it’s that the domestic pet can have as many psychological hang-ups as its contemporary owner. Depression, anxiety, loneliness and fear of abandonment all lead to behavioural problems and an unstable home environment WILFRED is an in-depth portrait of such a pet ‘behaving badly’. Not that Wilfred is a bad dog… he’s just very protective of Sarah and... More »

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$19.95 Normally $29.95 Save $10.00
$19.95 Normally $29.95 Save $10.00

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