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Samurai Jack the Movie

"Cartoon Network's SAMURAI JACK has been bringing bushido (Samurai code of honour!) to kids worldwide."
Sydney Morning Herald
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See where the legend of Samurai Jack began...

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Country: United States
Year: 2001
Runtime: 70 mins

Samurai Jack tells the story of a young prince (Jack) from the medieval orient whose father's empire is destroyed by the demon Aku. Jack escapes destruction and travels the world training his mind and his body until he reaches adulthood. Then, taking his father's magic katana, he challenges Aku to a duel and defeats the demon. However, before Jack can deal the killing blow, Aku creates a time portal and sends his opponent into the distant future, anticipating that he would be able to amass sufficient power to deal with the samurai later. Jack arrives in a hostile, futuristic Earth ruled by Aku and filled with his robot minions. The first people he encounters in the future call him "Jack" as a form of slang, which he adopts as his name and so begins the story of Samurai Jack.

Special Features
  • • 22 minutes bonus episode
  • • Documentary with Creator Genndy Tartakovsky: Behind the Sword
  • • Archives: Inside the Making of Samurai Jack

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