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10 best characters to cosplay at Madman Anime Festival

At Madman Anime Festival, we're all about cosplay.

Not only are we hosting the Victorian preliminary round of the Madman National Cosplay Championship, we highly encourage attendees of the festival to cosplay even if you’re not entering! It’s the perfect occasion to show off your skills at creating your favourite character, particularly if the voice actor of said character happens to be attending the festival!

We’ve put together a list of our 10 favourite characters to cosplay at Madman Anime Festival, you can never start planning your cosplay too early!


#10. Hotaru Shidare – DAGASHI KASHI

Just make sure you’re not mistaken for an employee of our dagashi shop 😉


#9. Jūzō Suzuya – TOKYO GHOUL

We’ve seen some great cosplay of Jūzō recently and love how creative people get with the character, we’re looking forward to seeing more at Madman Anime Festival!


#8. Yoshino – DATE A LIVE

Get crafty with making a hand puppet and practice your softest voice and you’re halfway there with cosplaying Yoshino.



We’d love to see everyone’s favourite tentacled homeroom teacher at Madman Anime Festival – bonus points for bringing a change in costume for mood changes!



One of our favourite characters from Studio Ghibli, San is a fierce character that makes for an equally fierce cosplay option.


#5. Naruto Uzumaki – NARUTO SHIPPUDEN

One of the most iconic characters in anime, Naruto cosplay is a staple at any anime festival!


#4. Victorique de Blois – GOSICK

We love Victorique’s black Victorian dress, but that’s only one of many beautiful outfits of hers to cosplay!


#3. Saitama – ONE PUNCH MAN

Have you lost your hair because you train too much? Is your number one priority at Madman Anime Festival seeing ONE PUNCH MAN director Shingo Natsume? Then grab your cape and meet us there!



Kirito and Asuna always get a lot of love from cosplayers at anime festivals (for good reason!), but there are so many awesome characters in SWORD ART ONLINE to cosplay! Leafa is one of our favourites, and with a pretty amazing outfit to boot. We’d love to see her represented at Madman Anime Festival!


#1. Asuka Langley Sohryu – EVANGELION

Not only is Asuka a great character to cosplay, but both the English and Japanese voice actresses of Asuka just happen to be attending Madman Anime Festival! Time to start searching for the perfect orange wig 😉

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