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12 Most Appropriate Anime to Watch on Halloween

Get ready to stock up on candy and settle in for an anime Halloween marathon this year!

We’ve selected some of our favourites below.
See how many you can watch tonight! We recommend keeping the lights on though.


1. Tokyo Ghoul

Your typical girl meets boy story. Girl eats boy. Boy gets organ transplant and becomes half-human/half ghoul. It’s gruesome and perfect for your Halloween night in. Watch it now on AnimeLab


2. Hellsing Ultimate

Everyone loves Alucard. This hugely popular series, filled with genuinely creepy monsters, satanic ghouls and of course Nazi freaks, is a must. The long awaited Collection 3 is due for release November 26.


3. Akira

Neo-Tokyo is about to explode, in the most gruesome possible way. If you haven’t already seen Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterpiece, do it now!


4. High School of the Dead 

The title pretty much says it all. High school students, zombie apocalypse, and a fight for survival.  What more could you want?


5. Vampire Hunter D

Nearly 30 years old now, this classic is a must-see vampire anime film.


6. Blue Exorcist

Two brothers, raised by a priest, go up against Satan, who is turns out to be their biological father. Awkward!


7. Attack on Titan.

Bloodthirsty Titans who love to eat humans? Otherwise known as the perfect Halloween costume. Send us your pics!


8. Blood+

The latest in Blood: The Last Vampire franchise. Saya (and her sword) is back. Limbs are torn from flesh and skulls are crushed and devoured. Sounds like a perfect night in.

9. Elfen Lied

Idle hands are the Devil’s playthings. Have you met Lucy? We highly recommend this brutal series.


10. Deadman Wonderland

Ganta is sentence to die one of a million ways in the most twisted prison ever built. Then it gets worse.


11. Ninja Scroll

Another classic from the 90s, which some of the coolest, and most brutal monsters ever set to screen. Not for the squeamish.


12. Death Note

We couldn’t leave off Death Note! A notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it? Perfect Halloween viewing!


What did we miss?


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