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5 times Oasis’ Gallagher brothers were the Bad Boys of Britpop

The boys from Oasis have done their fair share of tantrum-ing: their regular punch-ups and name-calling kept the Gallagher brothers on the cover of Smash Hits for years. Here are five moments, but you can learn about their nutty past in more detail by watching OASIS: SUPERSONIC - out now on disc and digital!


5. That time they were banned from Cathay Pacific for life due to their boozy and brawly behaviour. Fun fact: they were some of the first to be included in a rising phenomenon nicknamed “air rage”. Good legacy, guys.


4. That time Liam changed the words of “Live Forever” to “Maybe I don’t really wanna know/why you pick your nose”…Super clever, and mature to boot.

Gallagher bros fight

3. That time Liam hit Noel on the head with a tambourine. Noel threw his toys out of the pram and briefly left the band…And then came back. He knew what side his bread was buttered on.


2. That time Liam fakes a sore throat so he doesn’t have to perform on MTV’s Unplugged, gets boozed on champagne, heckles and rips shit on a singing Noel from the audience, then claims he’s all better for the encore. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up!


1. That time Noel hit Liam over the head with a cricket bat. The cricket bat was eventually sold with a certificate of authenticity ensuring its contact with Liam’s skull.

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