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A tour through Evangelion World at Fuji-Q Highland Japan

This is every EVANGELION fan’s dream. A life sized recreation of some of the best moments in EVANGELION history and not to mention a life sized recreation of Unit 01’s bust as well as Unit 02’s Beast Mode head. These are just some of the awesome things that you’ll be able to do at EVANGELION WORLD, located inside the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Japan.


There are lots of things to do and see at EVANGELION WORLD, from the moment you step in you’ll be greeted by a UNIT 01 scale model and a Lance of Longinus replica hanging from high above. Move into the next room and you’ll be able to pose as Gendo Ikari in a communication with the members of the SEELE committee. From here you can take a path that leads to a photo area where you pose with the NERV team hard at work on the plan of attack against Sahaquiel, as well as Asuka in the distance along with UNIT 02 after her introduction. Not to mention the live sized scaled statues of Mari and Kawrou in their plug suits.

As you move on, you’ll arrive in the shelter where UNIT 02 in Beast Mode has plunged and crashed into. One of the key scenes in EVANGELION 2.22, the sight of the barely functioning Eva unit is quite amazing. Make sure you stick around as there is a light show that repeats every 10 or so minutes. After this you will be able to head into NERV HQ and walk through a perfect replica of the corridors, complete with an entry gate. You can actually have a personal NERV ID card made in the gift shop for you to use to gain access through the gate.

The corridors are also quite interesting as they house different scenes from the movie, including that scene between Kaji and Shinji, and also the extremely awkward moment between Asuka and Rei in the elevator. Moving on from here you will then be able to make your way to the 7th cage where UNIT 01 is housed. It’s quite surreal to be in the cage, with the head of Unit 01 just sitting there complete with a pool of “LCL” water for full effect. Much like Unit 02, there is a light and smoke show that you can watch every 10 or so minutes. Make sure to look up to see the screens and also have a look into Gendo’s window and wave hello.

After this area you will then move onto the EVA Museum. Unique production art, sketches as well as memorabilia can be viewed in this part of the exhibit. Moving onto the second last area is one of the coolest features. For 1000 yen (approx $12AUD), you can have your photo taken whilst sitting in the cockpit of a test plug. You are also free to take photos with your digital camera along with getting the professionally done one. There is also another photo area where you can get your picture taken in a few key scenes including EVA 01’s berserk ripping of the AT Field and also posing as Lilith.

Finally you are able to shop till you drop at the official Evangelion World store. You can pick up some awesome limited edition items here as well including a special Fuji-Q branded clear EVA UNIT 01 model kit, T-shirts, and well practically anything Eva related can be purchased here (yes even the shoes).

To access Evangelion World, make your way to the Fuji-Q Highland theme park.

The easiest way is to book a round trip bus +entry pass. You can also take a train, but I would highly advise against this as it takes about 3 hours including transfers.
All available options can be viewed at the official Fuji-Q Highland website (in English)


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