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Acquisition Update: Cardcaptor Sakura Movie: The Sealed Card

Available for the first time in Australia and New Zealand, the final movie of the much loved series is finally coming home.

Available for the first time complete, uncut and including both English and Japanese audio tracks with English subtitles, Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie: The Sealed Card is a must own for any fan of the series.

You will be able to take home the adventure in May, 2016. Movie 1 and the TV series are both available now to own on DVD.

Sakura Kinomoto has come a long way since first being chosen to be a cardcaptor. She’s captured all the cards, made new friends and gained some insight into her own heart. Now, she faces her ultimate challenge, finding the strength to confess her feelings to her true love. While struggling with her heart, a mysterious force has begun stealing her cards and threatens to take away what she truly cherishes. Can Sakura find the inner strength she needs to take on this final challenge?


© CLAMP ・ST ・ Kodansha / Cardcaptor Sakura “The Sealed Card” Movie Committee


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