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Take a journey with Adam Elliot

We are thrilled that Adam has hand-picked some of his favourite Madman’s films for you to enjoy.

Adam Elliot’s unique ‘clayography’ films are one of a kind. You know his work instantly when you see it. Poignant, funny and deeply human, they have amassed countless accolades including an Academy Award® for Harvie Krumpet 2004.

Fiercely independent, Adam works exclusively on his own film projects, which can take five years to complete. Working without the aid of digital or computer-generated enhancements, his unique aesthetic has earned him the honour of being one of the most successful Australian filmmakers working today.

We are thrilled that Adam has hand-picked some of his favourite Madman’s films for you to enjoy.

Why Adam loves it: “A slow and simple film about a poet-busdriver played beautifully by Adam Driver. Directed by indie icon Jim Jarmusch, this film slowly and tenderly seeps into your soul and makes you appreciate the minutia and beautiful aspects of everyday life. A perfect film for a melancholic rainy afternoon when you prefer Adam Driver wielding a pen rather than a lightsaber.”

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Why Adam loves it: “A gruelling, funny and rewarding film about an annoying eccentric bored father who keeps interrupting his daughter’s corporate career with practical jokes. This film is incredibly touching towards the end when his daughter finally begins to accept and understand her father’s love. A film for anyone who has a father who loves to embarrass their children and themselves with ‘dad jokes’ and childish pranks.”

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Why Adam loves it: “A wonderful French stopmo film that doesn’t shy away from difficult subject matter. This film could have never been made in America and proves how progressive and sophisticated the French are when it comes to well crafted storytelling and beautiful production design. If this film doesn’t bring a tear to your eye then you must have been born without a heart! An animated gem amongst all the slick CGI animation saturating the market these days.”

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