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Anime and manga to discover this Friday the 13th!

Did you know that the fear of Friday the 13th is called 'paraskevidekatriaphobia' or 'friggatriskaidekaphobia' (try saying that quickly thirteen times)? And whilst you don’t necessarily need to watch out for guys called Jason today IRL, some people think Friday the 13th is a day that brings bad fortune...

Lucky for you though, there’s no need to fear today, because we have a list of creepy, thrilling, and horrific delights available now on the Madman website!

Zombie Land Saga Collection Season 1 Blu-Ray


Sakura Minamoto is dead. The good kind of dead where she can still head-bang to heavy metal. She and six other long-lost celebs were sprung from the grave to form an idol group that will put their tiny town on the map!

But when the crowd comes begging for more, can Sakura and her zom squad put on a show that will knock ’em dead?

Get Zombie Land Saga Collection Season 1 Blu-Ray HERE.


Clockwork Planet Complete Series (Blu-Ray)

A thousand years after the world was rebuilt with clockwork, machine-obsessed Naoto Miura becomes the master of an automaton named RyuZU.

When this beautiful piece of machinery crashed into his apartment, Naoto’s superhuman hearing allowed him to fix her broken cogs-but little did he know it would land him squarely in the middle of a horrific government conspiracy.

Check out Clockwork Planet Complete Series (Blu-Ray) HERE.


Berserk (2016) The Complete Series


Rising from the flames! Peer into the dark once more – the Black Swordsman roars again! Branded for death and hunted by demons forevermore, Guts embarks on a journey to escape his fate and get his revenge on the man he once considered a friend.



With his monstrous blade, Dragonslayer, he and a band of unlikely allies will face danger unlike any they’ve ever experienced before. The answers he seeks lie shrouded in the night.

Discover Berserk (2016) The Complete Series HERE.


Astro Boy (1980) 40th Anniversary Edition

What a blast from the past! Celebrate 40 years of the iconic TV adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s seminal manga classic, now on DVD!


2030 AD. After being abandoned by his creator, a young boy robot is rescued by an ‘Android Advocate’, Dr Elefun, who adopts him as his own and guides him in the use of his special powers to aid and protect mankind.

Endowed with super strength, rocket-powered flight, a self-less heart and a kind demeanour, Astro Boy fights a never-ending crusade against the forces of evil.

Blast into the world of Astro Boy (1980) 40th Anniversary Edition HERE.


Yu Yu Hakusho Complete Season 2 (Eps 29-56) Steel Book Blu-Ray



Survival is the order of the day as Yusuke and his allies face off against the worst of the worst in the Demon World. Locked into the fierce competition of The Dark Tournament, there’s more than the fighters’ lives on the line!

Everything turns grim when a demon from the past is reawakened. Plus, the deadly Toguro brothers enter the ring, and a mysterious masked fighter steps in. Who will survive this tournament of suffering?

Reawaken the classic Yu Yu Hakusho Complete Season 2 (Eps 29-56) Steel Book Blu-Ray HERE.


ATTACK ON TITAN | Manga, DVDs, Merchandise

If you haven’t read the Attack on Titan manga, you’re COLOSSALLY missing out.



Dive deeper into the series’ blockbuster narratives with our collection of AOT manga, DVDs, merch, and more! It’s a must-read/watch series for any horror or sci-fi fan.

Get your Attack on Titan fix at Madman HERE.



If you’re a horror fan, prepare to enter the twisted world of Junji Ito’s masterpiece works of horror…

From terrifying short stories animated on Blu-Ray to the grotesquely-crafted art of the manga, you’ll find some delectable horror delights from Junji Ito on Madman!


Junji Ito Collection (Eps 1-12) (Blu-Ray)

Witness the most hair-raising stories from Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection and Fragments of Horror like you’ve never seen them before. For any fans who seek the thrill of shocking imagery and ill-fated characters, this whole show is made for you.

Buy Junji Ito Collection (Eps 1-12) (Blu-Ray) HERE.


Read the Junji Ito manga collection… if you dare!

From a town that’s haunted by spine-chilling spirals in Uzumaki, to the floating smell of death over Okinawa in Gyo, these manga titles will provide you with a host of fresh nightmares.


Unravel the chilling tales of our Junji Ito manga HERE. 


We hope you’ve found something new to check out on Madman this Friday the 13th.

Until next time, make sure you don’t step on any cracks, keep your umbrellas closed inside, and don’t walk under a ladder… o.O

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