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This month the all time anime favourite, BERSERK, returns, remade and rebooted in the first film of the Golden Age Arc with BERSERK: THE EGG OF THE KING. Like Evangelion 1.11 did in rebuilding a loved series into a shiny new film series, Berserk takes an older anime series and brings it boldy and bloodily into the now!

Is this a trend? What anime series should next get the reboot treatment and a new life on the big screen?

Read on for our winners and honorable mentions!



Claymore: The Silver White King by Patsie

Stylish and epic, brimming with atmosphere, this makes us want a Claymore reboot right now!  Great composition brings the focus in on Claire, who is strongly rendered in a somewhat mature, realistic style, a stoic expression making her all the more convincing as the hero.  The ominous background figure of the white king looms while the cool details – like the upside down graveyard of blades – deserve extra attention. Superb!

Patsie wins 1st prize of a $150 Madman store voucher!


Second Place

Witch Hunter Robin the Movie by AJchan

Another great female hero is brought into the here and now. Regular contributor AJChan, who has taken many characters and expanded on their inner cuteness in past competitions, here takes another direction by making Robin a little older, more sultry and by description, more powerful than ever. The shot here has enough intensity to believe it!

AJChan wins 2nd prize of a $100 Madman store voucher!


Third Place

The SoulTaker Resurrection by Big Unit

With another entertaining batch of concepts from a seemingly never ending well of cool ideas, we looked at Big Unit’s Scarface inspired Death Note, plus fun Samurai Pizza Cats, Inital D and DBZ, but the entry that really took us in was this one. Understated cool, gravitas, and a nice selection of an anime that has definitely gone off the radar and succeeds in grabbing our attention again – movie poster complete with creator credits.

Big Unit wins 3rd prize of a $75 Madman store voucher!


Fourth Place

Birdy the Mighty, The Movie by Pongyboy

Pongyboy has a plan to take Birdy the Mighty (aka Tetsuwan Birdy) to the next step with a full length film – the excellent and criminally overlooked series a perfect candidate. With some tantalising story threads and a specific villain in mind, the poster hints at all of this and the bright, action packed Sci fi fun of Birdy comes through.

Pongyboy wins 4th prize of a $50 Madman store voucher!


Honorable Mentions

There were again so many good pieces out of the many wonderful entries that we wanted to highlight some more strong pieces. All of these honorable mentions will receive a DVD copy of BERSERK MOVIE 1 – EGG OF THE KING

Dragon Ball Z Reboot by degree
Rose Of Versailles Reboot by Momo-Mutsu
Tsubasa: Revival! by Vron89
Inuyasha rebooted by ellabella
Nausicaa by Itchigotchi

Thanks to all who entered!

Of course there were many more great entries – all worthy of your time, comments and encouragement so Click here to Check them all out!



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