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AnimeLab goes live with iOS App for iPhone and iPad!

We have some great news for our iOS users! Today we launched the AnimeLab app for iOS and it is now available to download from the iTunes store. Now you can stream your favourite shows on your iPhone or iPad anywhere you have WiFi!

iOS support has been one of AnimeLab’s most requested features and we’re very happy to make this app available to fans. Some stand out features of the iOS app include:

  • Free to download and free to use
  • Beautiful and super-fast native user-interface
  • Use Airplay to watch on your big screen
  • Stream in multiple bitrates and resolutions
  • Choose from Japanese with subtitles or English dubs (where available)
  • Supports iOS 7.1+ and above on both iPad and iPhone

AnimeLab is made by fans, for fans and currently offers over 100 shows, with more than 1400 episodes!

What are you waiting for? Get AnimeLab for iOS now!


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