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Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton talk about the new documentary THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY

Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton from the The Metropolitan Museum of Art discuss THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY. The new documentary that goes behind the scenes of the annual Costume Institute exhibition and the making of the Met Gala.

We are incredibly excited about our new documentary THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY, which follows Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton, as they orchestrate the year’s most lavish party and The Met’s most attended fashion exhibition in history, ‘China: Through The Looking Glass’.

So when we found out Anna, and Andrew were doing a live Q&A on Facebook, we were alllllllll in.

Check out five of our favourite moments from the chat, and the full video interview below!

1. Swooning at the view from Anna’s office. Wow. I mean, like, WOW.

2. Andrew Bolton discussing the way the exhibition and gala help to promote the idea of fashion as form of artistic expression, and the process of using different wings in the museum to integrate into the theme of the exhibition. As Anna says, “it is important to remember the art of fashion”.

3. People love watching celebrities walk down the red carpet at the Met Gala, but the Gala itself isn’t just a party. It is a fundraiser that allows The Met to continue to create the jaw-dropping Costume Institute exhibitions that become a must-see for anyone who lives or visits New York.

4. When they talk about their favourite Met Galas – Anna’s is diplomatic and says her favourite “is always the next one”, and Andrew’s is Goddess from 2003, because it the first Gala he attended and he was taken back by amazing glamour. (can we get an invite to the next one please?!)

5. When asked about what they are wearing to the Gala, Anna says “personally, I’m so boring. I nearly always go to Karl Lagerfeld”… Same, Anna. Same.

The First Monday in May



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