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If you were to write a Valentines card to an anime character who would it be? Express your love! Create a romantic scene featuring – or directed to – your character of choice.
Read on for the winners and honorable mentions!


You’re a real gem by Sprucie

CUTE ATTACK.  It’s tempting to join in Sprucie’s own puns and say such shiny, sugary sweet art is a Rarity, but we think you get the idea!  My Little Pony’s Rarity snuggles up with Spike, who adds to the adorability immensely. Lush colouring really puts the dazzle in this piece.

Sprucie wins 1st prize of a $150 Madman store voucher!


Second Place

Gokus Greatest Battle by Big Unit

Uh oh, somebody is having a hard time with Date Night in a formal setting.  C’mon Goku, it can’t be that difficult!  Big Unit does a great job showing the awkward fears of a Super Saiyan – fine dining may not be his style, but ChiChi is definitely in control here!  Great stuff, and true to form Big Unit prepared more than one entry – could it be that this equally fantastic Evangelion scene be occuring in the same restaurant?

BigUnit wins 2nd prize of a $100 Madman store voucher!


Third Place

Three’s a crowd by AJchan

The best laid plans for a romantic situation don’t always go the way we want!  Especially if you’re being a bit too subtle about it and somebody won’t give you time along! Here Elizabeth just can’t get Sebastien to step away so she can have Ciel all to herself. How mad is she? Just look at the grip on the tablecloth!  Fun for us though, you can really get a feel for the characters personalities thanks to the great pose and composition.

AJChan wins 3rd prize of a $75 Madman store voucher!


Fourth Place

Faye Valentine’s day by Rennis

Valentine’s day isn’t for everyone, maybe not even for Faye, and it could be named for her! Rennis does a great job of showing Faye in a pensive state, but maybe, from the ambiguous look on her face, she prefers to be alone on this day?  The lighting and use of moody colour sells the drab, needs-alone-time vibe.

Rennis wins 4th prize of a $50 Madman store voucher!


Honorable Mentions

There were again so many good pieces out of the many wonderful entries that we wanted to highlight some more strong pieces. All of these honorable mentions will receive a DVD copy of ONE PIECE MOVIE STRONG WORLD

It’s Romance Time! by dogaholic
Chapter 714 : Naruto & Hinata’s first Valentine date by sl4ppybag
Fio on Valentine’s Day by AlexT
Oran High Mass Valentine by Julz
Gotta woo ’em all – Pokemon! by Vron89
The Soulful Letter by RadarOverhead
Let’s Go Home by Sakura Akuma
Batou & the Major by LukeC81

 Thanks to all who entered!

Of course there were many more great entries – all worthy of your time, comments and encouragement so Click here to Check them all out!



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