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Anime characters have some amazing talents, and this competition will depict the best skills, and some of the strange hidden talents!

In this art comp, we asked to see anime characters doing either what they do best, showing off the mad skills they are known for, create a scene that highlights another little known talent or hobby, or even create a special new skill we didn’t know about!

Read on for our winners and honorable mentions!


Bebop Bonsai by Big Unit Bebop Bonsai

Amongst a batch of great creative entries, this introspective piece communicates a hidden talent with subtlety and great humour. True to the character, Jet from Cowboy Bebop always seems put upon by danger, and contemplating a bonsai tree, a skill cultivated in his spare time that seems just like Jet’s way to relax. Wonderfully rendered and a clever idea. Be sure to check out Big Unit’s other pieces such as Vegeta becoming a Master of Puppets, Misty’s Mad Skill as a cheerleader, Yuko the Rock star, and many more.

BigUnit wins 1st prize of a $150 Madman store voucher!


Second Place

Ice King: Penguin Whisperer by Sprucie

Ice King: Penguin Whisperer

Hilarious, amazingly on-model and beautifully rendered it may be, the best thing about Sprucie’s piece is the recognition of an underappreciated skill – that the Ice King from Adventure Time would surely have to be very skilled to keep all those penguins in line!  Wonderful stuff, and it was incredibly hard to pick between this and Sprucie’s other fabulous Adventure Time entry, Mallow Tea Ceremony Master

Sprucie wins 2nd prize of a $100 Madman store voucher!


Third Place

Rukia – a Self Portrait by numbernine

Rukia - a Self Portrait

A cool piece with a stylish and distinctive tone, Rukia of Bleach fame reveals her own artistic talents, where the real artist, numbernine, does double duty by creating the image that Rukia herself drew.  Love to see a character’s hobbies showing through.

numbernine wins 3rd prize of a $75 Madman store voucher!


Fourth Place

Chaos’ War manga page by mishelly

Team 10

Super cute!  A fun take on the idea of showing characters exhibiting their already known skills – here Team 10 from Naruto, quite amusingly displaying their endearing character traits, eating, sleeping and complaining – hey, those are mad skills!

gothic chibi wins 4th prize of a $50 Madman store voucher!


Honorable Mentions

There were again so many good pieces out of the many wonderful entries that we wanted to highlight some more strong pieces. All of these honorable mentions will receive a DVD copy of Blood C Series Collection

Photography by chiaroleaf
One Piece – Cooking with Sanji and Luffy by SoulSlappy
Count Your Blessings On One Hand by Bijoux
Revolutionary Girl Utena by madiecookie
Blue Rose Burlesque by AJchan
Firing Up by Vron89
Je Suis Avec Toi by Corad
Rin the demon slayer! by ellabella
Sebastian Michaelis – Multi-talented Butler by xxheartxcindyxx
Hollowfication by Riddles of the Dark




Thanks to all who entered!

Of course there were many more great entries – all worthy of your time, comments and encouragement so Click here to Check them all out!



Keep coming back as we have more great Art comps all the time in the Fanzone.

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