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‘Attack on Titan’ Live-Action film has found IT’s director!

From creepy killer clowns to terrifying killer Titans...

The Hollywood adaptation of Attack on Titan has found it’s director. Andy Muschietti, most known for his work on the Stephen King novel ‘IT‘, is attached to direct the film, along with Harry Potter producer David Heyman.

Hajime Isayama created the Manga series in 2009 and tells the story of a world that has been overrun by giant, human-eating creatures known as Titans. With the last remaining remnants of humanity retreating behind giant fortified walls to escape the horrors that exist outside the wall.

This isn’t the first live-action film adaptation of the series, with two films being released in Japan back in 2015.

With plenty of horror experience under Muschietti’s belt (also directing the 2013 film Mama), the fear-inducing Titans seem in safe hands.

Creepy Clowns to Killer Titans!

For those reeling after the events of the latest episode, this juicy bit of news should keep us satisfied while we eagerly await its return next April.

(Seriously how creepy was episode 12!)

Who is excited about the Hollywood adaptation? Are you expecting any clown inspired Titans?

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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