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Bandai Entertainment and Madman – All is well

Hi everyone,

We have recieved a lot of queries and questions regarding the status of titles due to the recent news about the closure Bandai Entertainment USA and Beez Europe.

I would like to reassure everyone that this news has absolutely no affect on our current and future release slates. Most of the titles that were released overseas by these companeis were acquired by us from different Japanese licensor and any of our titles that were licensed with Bandai Entertainment remain unaffected.

Titles such as NICHIJOU and GOSICK will receive a DVD release later this year. At this point in time it is likely that it will be subtitled only. You can view episodes of both of these excellent shows right now over at the Screening Room.

The release of Gundam Unicorn will not be affected in any way shape or form. The remaining episodes are expected to still receive an English language dub and we will continue to release this series on DVD.

I hope this gives everyone a bit of reassurance and quell any false statements or rumours.

Thank you.


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