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These funky friendship bracelets are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Attending a Celine Dion karaoke night? Perfect! Holding a faux search party? Amazing! Breaking couples up? Even better! What are you waiting for?! Make your friendship official and wear matching bracelets!

What you need:

Embroidery floss or yarn

Firstly, choose at least four of your favourite colours (the more threads you use, the wider your bracelet will be), then proceed using scissors to cut a long strand of each colour (roughly two-metres in length).  Fold each strand in half and tie all of them together with a knot, ensuring that you leave a small space between the knot and the folded ends of the strands to form a loop. Secure the looped end to a flat surface by taping the thread to a table.

Before you begin it’s important that you arrange the colours in a mirror image, and we promise, it’s not the kind of mirror image that will have you sobbing with a tub of ice-cream at 3AM! Simply arrange your four (or more) colours in order as follows:


Begin with the left side of your bracelet and take your first colour (the far-left strand) and make a knot by holding strand one and two in your hand, cross strand one over strand two, loop it under strand two and then back through the loop you just created, repeat this step once more with the same two strings. Continue your bracelet by knotting your first colour and your third colour twice and then your first and fourth colour in the same way, now your first colour should be in the middle of your bracelet.

Next, take the outermost colour on the right side of the bracelet and cross it over the second colour on the right side and loop it underneath and back through the opening and knot the threads again for the same threads. Proceed by taking your first colour and your third colour on the right and cross the first colour over the third and loop it back underneath to form a knot and once again repeat with the first and fourth colours, make sure you do two knots for each string! Take the two new centre strands of the same colour and knot them together (twice!!) to connect the two halves. Now the first row is done!

Continue this process with your remaining colours until you’ve reached the length you desire then tie all the strands in one final knot, trim and braid any extra thread and tie it on you or your bestie’s wrist  securely with a double, or even a triple knot, because your friendship is a ‘wo-mance’ that is never breaking up!

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Source: Instructables

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