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Bleach Director and Voice actor special message for fans!

Bleach director Noriyuki Abe and Voice actor Masakazu Morita were in Australia recently to meet and greet BLEACH fans at Supanova Expo on the Gold Coast. Whilst here they recorded a special message for those who couldn’t be there to meet them.

Listen below:

Message from Noriyuki Abe: 
Hello Everyone in Australia,

I am the Director of Bleach, Noriyuki Abe. Australia is a very nice place, and I already want to come back again! Thank you very much to everyone. Lets meet again!

Message from Masakazu Morita:
Hello to Everyone in Australia! I am Masukazu Morita, the voice actor for Kurosaki Ichigo in Bleach.

During my time here in Australia, I have been participating as a guest. While I have been signing here at the Madman booth, so many people have come up to meet me and it has made me very happy.

Australia is very pretty, extremely beautiful – I have really enjoyed my time here. I hope in the near future we can enjoy sharing Japanese anime and culture together.

I will definitely come again, so please wait for me! THAT’S ALL FROM THE VOICE OF KUROSAKI ICHIGO – MORITA MASUKAZU!


Translation thanks to Christine Buzby

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