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Cardcaptor Sakura Collection 1 Moved to September

Fans may remember that we had originally scheduled Cardcaptor Sakura for a July release. Due to some unforeseen issues, we are going to have to move this release to September. HOWEVER, this is not all bad news as it means that we are able to source some of the best looking masters possible for this release. We are very committed to bringing fans this release and cannot wait to bring you the entire series for the first time completely uncut.

Please accept our apologies for this slight delay.

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  • Czethros

    I was wondering why it wasn’t listed amongst the July releases in the coming soon anime page. Shattered! You should just release both collections at the same time then? LOL

  • azn2newbie

    I can’t complain, aslong as I get it, I’ll be happy. :)

  • Konaloli

    Must get! I used to watch this show on TV when I was little and I loved it!

  • Shika Shika

    Will you be releaseing the movies aswell? As much as I love the copies I currently have, I want the entire series and movies on DVD with the same artwork :)

  • David Purss

    MUST BUY WHEN I CAN. I have looked around for this and found some T.V rips. I’d kill to own it on DVD.

  • Celestial Cat

    I hope it’s not the heavily edited westernized version that played on TV years ago. They chopped out so much in that version including whole episodes and it messed with the story to much.

  • Slykura

    No, it will be uncut and presented in Japanese with English subtitles only.

  • proud_aussie_anime_fan

    I was a bit bummed out that there won’t be a proper (uncut) English dub of this. I was kinda hoping that a company like FUNimation or Bandai would’ve done one for this release. But I’m not complaining. Just as long as it’s not the heavily edited one that I really regret watching back then.

  • Flare Phoenix

    Oh my god, I love you guys. I remember watching this on television, but missing a lot of the episodes. It’ll be great to finally be able to watch them.

  • nick peterson

    as long as its got the original jap voicing i couldn’t care about English looking forward to this hope its on Blue Ray to.

  • neocowboy

    Very good to see Cardcaptor Sakura at last but I wish Madman would just release a complete box set with all 3 seasons in it, which I’m sure they will once they’ve produced the individual sets. If they do I really hope they produce a limited edition box set for the fans (like the long departed and highly sought after American version packaged to look like the Clow book and complete with a replica deck of the Clow cards.) *Hint Hint* I would shell out the big money for that – Providing it wasn’t fatpack like the Naruto complete collection I was a little disappointed with.

  • Jessica Solomon

    I am so excited that finally we are able to get cardcaptor Sakura in Australia. It has been to this day one of my favourite childhood animes =] I still wish for the english dub however as i LOVED the voice actors so much and many of my favourite animes now also have voice actors form the cardcaptors show. Voice acting greats like Matt Hill and Samuel Vincent (now known as the two protagonists of Gundam SEED) were in this show as Kero’s borrowed form (Hill) and Julian/Yue (Vincent). Many other great voice actors join the stage too. many herald from inuyasha, gundam series, hamtaro just to name a few. =]

  • Zane Truesdale

    So happy this is being put onto DVD, again wish an English-Dub option was available on the set since I grew up watching the Dub not the Sub, and although it never occurred to me until neocowboy mentioned it, I think a full complete collection shaped like the Clow Book that comes with a full set of Clow Cards would be a great idea, I’d definitely pay whatever it costs to get my hands on that. However, I don’t mind settling with these Uncut Collections. Also, another thing I’d like to see in the future are the Re-Mastered Uncut versions of the 2 Movies, the 1st Movie isn’t too important since it really doesn’t tie into the series but would complete the collection, however, the 2nd Movie really does give the series it’s final send-off, it would be a shame to see those left out. Hopefully we’ll see the movies released after the series!

  • Becky

    I would really like to see the dub released on DVD box sets like this, with the two movies in English too (second one has different English voice cast). I’m sure people who did actually like the myself would buy it. The DVDs are so hard to get a hold of and not all the episodes were released on DVD in NZ.. we got only 6 DVDS/VHS of of a few episodes of season 1…