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Celebrating Kyoto Animation: Beautifully Crafted Productions with Heart and Compassion

A studio that’s brought to life many precious stories that we hold close to our hearts.

Last week, we received news of the devastating arson attack at Kyoto Animation (affectionally known as ‘KyoAni’). A studio known not only for their unique style of high-quality animation but also for looking after their staff and nurturing talent.

KyoAni have brought us so much joy, tears, laughter, and wonderful memories over the many years, so we wanted to share some personal messages from our team.

K-On! – Fuwa Fuwa Time!

“Everyone who loves anime knows the signature style of KyoAni content, the studio name a byword for quality. We have always admired the incredible skill, passion and emotion they pour into their art. Madman has been privileged to bring many of their wonderful works to Australian and New Zealand audiences on discs, on-air (K-On! on the ABC) and into cinemas (A Silent Voice). Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to KyoAni, their family and friends at this terrible time.” – Tim Anderson, Co-Founder, Managing Director

A Silent Voice – Nishimiya’s Confession

KyoAni truly brings stories to life like no other, be it heart-warming or heart-wrenching. The beauty and emotion illustrated in each and every frame just shows how much love their team pours into their creations. I admire the way Clannad After Story and Violet Evergarden gripped my heart until it burst into a colourful array of emotions that hadn’t surfaced in years. I treasure the characters that they’ve brought to life with astounding depth and charm. And I love the way KyoAni delicately tackle complex issues and themes, such as those in A Silent Voice, while remaining honest and bold. These stories have encouraged me to reflect on the things I value most in life, helped me to understand what inner strength is, and taught me that despite any hardship, I should keep moving forward with hope in my heart. Honestly, no words can sufficiently express how much this studio and their work means to me. The recent news completely broke me. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the staff, friends and family of Kyoto Animation. ♥ – Jess McCallum, Head of Social Media and Marketing

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Haruhi and Kyon’s First Kiss

“From their earlier works such as FMP: The 2nd Raid and the absolutely stunning adaptation of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I have always loved the work of Kyoto Animation. Seeing their logo meant a mark of excellence to me, it meant that you were in for a real treat every time you watched one of their shows. They have brought so much joy into my life with shows like K-ON! and Nichijou, two shows that really showed it was ok just to enjoy the every day things in life. More recently their absolutely stunning work on A Silent Voice and Violet Evergarden had me reaching for tissues, beautifully told stories animated in such a beautiful way. I am very thankful to this wonderful studio for bringing such stories to life. It’s a tragic loss that we have all suffered. I hope and pray for all of the families and friends of the studio’s staff.” – Sly Ip, Product and Marketing Manager

Nichijou – Epic Wiener Save!

“While I’ve not seen many KyoAni shows, I’ve always known them as a company you can rely on for stunning animation. They’re the type of studio where you’d be willing to watch a show that’s a genre you’re not into just because you know it’ll be a visual spectacle. The fact that this animation was done in a studio that looks after its staff and makes sure to combat the nationwide problem of over-work only helps to prove how special a studio they are. The fire was not only an attack on the anime community but on the arts as a whole. My heart goes out to the staff, their family and friends. Thank you KyoAni, for changing so many peoples lives.” – Fiona W, Production Coordinator

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Tohru and Kobayashi First Meet

“KyoAni has to be one of my favourite Animation studios. They convey so much warmth, emotion and stunning worlds that transport us to faraway places yet, still have familiar nostalgic feelings – all via their storytelling and animation. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid has been a show I have very much enjoyed recently and found themes within the characters relationships close to my heart. Despite whatever background, different culture (or species) and misunderstandings, they communicated and connected to each other – friendships, acceptance and love – Love is love. My condolences goes out to KyoAni. We support you.” – K, Product Manager

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions – Yuta, Brave-Up!

Our hearts go out to all affected. Thank you for everything. We love you, KyoAni. ♥

UPDATE: Direct Donations for Kyoto Animation

Six days following the tragic arson attack at Kyoto Animation, the studio revealed that they have opened a bank account to receive direct donations. These funds will be used to assist the victims and relatives of the attack, as well as aid with the reconstruction of the company.

Details on the official bank account have been listed below for those who wish to send donations. This also includes a SWIFT code for international transfers.


The company also shared the following message on their website.

“With regard to the incident that occurred on July 18 (Thursday), we have received voices of support from people all over the world. Thank you very much. As our company, we will do our best for rebuilding. In such a case, I received a lot of voices from all of you who wanted to get close to us, and we would like to inform you that we have prepared a deposit account for the support money. We are apologizing for the delay in providing information, as we have received so many inquiries from each direction.” – Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd.

Kyoto Animation aims to report on the balance of the funds received for the purpose of transparency, although the method and timing of the income and expenditure reports are still under consideration. They will send an update as soon as this has been decided.

All third-party fundraising activities that have been implemented as support for Kyoto Animation will also be posted on their website as soon as they have been confirmed by the company.

For further information, please visit the official Kyoto Animation website below.

Official Kyoto Animation Website

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