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Charlotte Rampling: The Icon Inspiring Generations of Style

Charlotte Rampling’s effortlessly chic style has been an inspiration to generations of It Girls, designers, bloggers and style mavens. From Alexa Chung to Marc Jacobs to Helmut Newton, her natural beauty in print and on screen are pervasive across the decades. Her signature look with flawless minimal makeup is timeless, her versatility as an actress and a model is awe-worthy, and her gamine, lithe frame is the perfect canvas for fashion. Don't believe us? Well read on and you will worship at the alter of Charlotte with the rest of us!

1966 with Jeremy Lloyd

Always ahead of her time, she made ballet flats chic before they were in vogue.

“I always wear Repetto ballet pumps. They’re all the rage now, but I’ve worn them all my life.”


Marc Jacobs drew inspiration from Charlotte’s classic masochistic film THE NIGHT PORTER for his Louis Vuitton autumn collection in 2011, with Kate Moss’ cigarette smoking strut down the catwalk paying homage to the actress.

Rampling said of her costume in THE NIGHT PORTER, “I’ve always liked wearing uniforms – maybe because my father was in the army. There is something anonymous about a uniform. My costume in The Night Porter was perfect for me: braces, trousers and cap.”


On the promotional trail for her breakout role in Georgy Girl in 1966.

“When I was younger I’d go out in mini skirts because I had good legs. I wore lots of Mary Quant.”


She was Helmut Newton’s muse, and the two produced some of the most sexy and stunning photographs ever taken, including the famous the Hotel Nord Pinus shoot from 1973 (right).


“I don’t like to wear flashy clothes and to draw attention to myself. When you become a movie star people tend to stare so I prefer to keep a low profile. I like to observe people without feeling I am being looked at.”

Airport - looks like Alexa

Alexa Chung looks the spitting image of her sartorial icon Charlotte Rampling, as both walk through a busy airport decades apart.

“There is something inherently strong about her face. She looks intelligent, commanding, and perpetually elegant” Chung said to Harper’s Bazaar.


Before Gwenyth made the hue famous, Charlotte looked stunning in this striking pink dress.


Over the years her personal silhouette has never wavered, with her go-to outfit ‘the catsuit’ remaining one of her favourites.


“These days I love men’s suits. I only wear a dress if I absolutely have to.”


Charlotte is also a big fan of the designer Yohji Yamamoto, seen here in a hat from his men’s collection.

“These days I love men’s suits. I only wear a dress if I absolutely have to. I prefer well-cut trouser suits by Yamamoto and Jil Sander, worn with a pair of high heels.”

The Damned

Charlotte looks stunning in THE DAMNED.

“I’ve been lucky to have been able to rummage in the world’s greatest dressing-up box – Paris – and I’ve had great clothes offered to me on a plate.”


Cementing her status as a style icon, she was chosen to be the brand ambassador for the iconic make-up brand Nars in 2014 at the age of 68.

Creative Director Francois Nars said, “Charlotte’s ability of transformation is unparalleled. Whether captured in pieces of artwork, through the lens of a magazine photographer or on film and the big screen, she had an amazing power to encompass a character.”


“I think any sense of style I have must come from my mum and dad, because they were the two most elegant people I ever knew. My mum would just put on any old thing and look fantastic, and my father was always beautifully dressed.”

All hail Charlotte Rampling, the eternal muse!

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