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Convention Calendar 2010

As the New Year is here, so begins another year of exciting anime events and conventions. Here’s a list of events that we currently plan to attend in 2010 some with dates to be confirmed, keep an eye out on our events section @ The Fanzone for more details.

Wai-con – Perth. January 23-24
AI-con – Hobart, March 6-7
Supanova Expo – Brisbane April 9-11
Supanova Expo – Melbourne April 16-18
Supanova Expo – Sydney June 18-20
Supanova Expo – Perth June 25-27
AVCON – Adelaide July
SMASH Sydney – Date TBC
Manifest Melbourne – August 20-22
Gen Con Oz Brisbane – September 23-26
Armageddon Melbourne – Date TBC
iDEF / E-Games Expo Melbourne – Date TBC
Madman National Cosplay Championship Finals – Brisbane Date TBC

We will also be holding qualifers for the Madman National Cosplay Championship at all Supanova Expos as well as AVCON. Remember, we are allowing teams of two into the contest in addition to single participants.

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