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Do you know how to make Ram-Don?

Glory to the holy wi-fi

Isolation eating is the real deal. There is nothing like the sweet release of something buttery, or carby, or sweet (or all three — hello, Beatrix cookbook) to make you feel better in an unreal situation.

So I am thrilled that I got to make Ram-Don from PARASITE for my second lunch on the weekend. If you have already watched the modern masterpiece then you know it was one of the scenes that stood out, and had us thinking…

Some quick Googling, and a YouTube spiral later, and I discovered that Ram-Don is actually a popular Korean dish called ‘jjapaguri’. But when translating the movie they decided it was too difficult to say in English and Ram-don was born.

Here is what you need to make it at home.
– A pack of Neoguri
– A pack of Chapaghetti
– Steak
– Neutral oil (I only had olive oil in the pantry)
– If you’re a fancy bitch like me, I deviated from the recipe and added crispy shallots

Take a break for a snack and some tea.

Chop up the steak and season well with salt and pepper.

Fry the steak, and start the water boiling (please ignore the state of my kitchen).

Open the Chapaghetti and Neoguri noodles and the little sachets.

Put the noodles, all the Neoguri flavouring, and the Chapaghetti flakes in the pot and boil until cooked through.

Drain the noodles, but leave in about a cup of the boiling liquid. Stir in the remaining packets, and add the steak.

Eat some noodles from the bowl, realise you accidentally got the super spicy version of Chapaghetti and that you’re probably going to need to make a second, second lunch because it will blow your kid’s head off.

Remember when I said I was a fancy bitch? Put the noodles in a clean bowl, add the crispy shallots, and enjoy!

Now that you know how to make Ram-Don, you’re ready to watch PARASITE B&W on iTunes and Google Play from May 6.

While everyone is staying home, it’s time to re-watch PARASITE, but this time together and in black and white. 🍑 Let’s all press PLAY at the same time. Tweet, Gram & Chat along with the #ParasiteParty hashtag. Let’s get it trending. Start a Zoom chat with your friends, make some Ram-Don, and send us your photos. There will be prizes. Invite your friends & family this event. RSVP to our PARASITE B&W is party this Saturday here

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